Tips For Flower Industry Professionals

three pink calla lilies

Are you a floral industry professional? Are you perhaps thinking of getting into the flower arrangement business? Looking to open your own flower shop perhaps?

In my 27 years in the flower industry, and 5 of those with my own shop, I'm sure I can help with some tips that will make life a whole "heckuva-a-lot" easier for you. Ready to get started?

Here we go with my top tips for florists and you "florists to be"...

1) Ordering fresh flowers -- how much, and of what type? Click here!

2) Ever wondered how you should take an order over the phone at a flower shop? Here is a complete list of how to answer and take an order over the phone at a flower shop.

3) My #1 tip on getting the "absolute lowest cost" best deals on giftware and silk flowers.

4) Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. You must keep them happy. Do this, and they'll not only love you, but they'll come back again and again! I'll show you how to build legions of raving clients... and it's really easy -- click here!

5) Effective advertising/networking "getting the word out strategies" to build your business. Arranging flowers is a lot of fun, but you need to eat and make the rent too!

6) Stay in touch with your customers! You've probably heard it a million times... 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. So why aren't you capitalizing on these relationships? Best of all, it's both easy and extremely cheap to do so. I'll tell you how, click here!

7) Rethinking the cut flower bouquet: The cut flower bouquet is every florist's bread and butter... is it time to rethink yours? It may help build your business! Click here to read the article!