My Silk Flower Designs; Can I Create Custom Silk Flowers For You?

Featured below are a few of my recent silk flower arrangements. If you're interested in silk flower design, these can give you an idea of the sort of things you can accomplish in this medium.

If, on the other hand, you're interested in having me create a custom design for you, you can use any of the following as a starting point, or alternatively, make your own suggestions.

The first design, directly below, is one of my favorites. It's uses the tropical flowers Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums. A design like this is great for a mantlepiece or entranceway table, since it's a one-sided design (displays on one side only)...

birds of paradise silk flower arrangement

This is a topiary design; it's very feminine with the all-white flowers, but it can be done in any color, or in mixed colors. It makes a great centerpiece for a dining room table or it can add a colorful, romantic touch to a bedroom.

white silk flower arrangement

This is a simple 3-flower design featuring Birds of Paradise. It's designed in a sleek, black, rectangular vase to accentuate any modern home (this a one-sided designed as well).

birds of paradise floral design

This is a spring wreath, very colorful and bright. I tried something a little different with this one, and stayed away from typical spring colors (pinks, purples, and yellows).

What do you think?

Directly below is a small, round design (displays on all sides), great for coffee tables, small dining room tables, or it would make a wonderful wedding table centerpiece. Can be designed in any color to co-ordinate with any home.

small white silk flower arrangement

And there you have it; a brief sampling of my work. Hope you enjoyed it!

If you would you like me to create a custom design just for you? Drop me a line, and tell me what you would like!