Finding A Florist: Picking The Right Florist For Your Special Day!


Finding the right florist for your special occasion -- whether it be for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday -- is a very, very important. Picking the wrong flower shop and hiring the wrong florist for your special event can be a disaster.

For example, how would you like to find a florist who orders stargazer lilies for your "perfect" wedding, but fails to do so early enough.

As a result, instead of walking down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet of "open" lilies, you're walking down the isle with a handful of lily buds.

And what about the florist who forgot to remove the stamens from the lilies required for another wedding?

Yup, the pollen on the lilies stained the bride's beautiful, pure white wedding dress a delightful yellow-orange color.

While there are no gaurantees in life, I'll do my best to help you find the right florist (looking for an online florist? I can help you with that too!)

OK, with that said, the most important event that people are trying to find a florist for is their wedding day. For most, it is their first time hiring florists and looking into flower arrangements.

I've seen couples forced into signing contracts with flower shops before they had the opportunity to shop around. Now that was a disaster... click here for the whole sordid story!

Whether you need a florist for your wedding day, or any other special occassion, here is a simple checklist for approaching a flower shop, and seeing if the florist on staff has got his or her "you-know-what" together...

Click here for my list of top tips for finding a florist...